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LCS Laboratory offers Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality, and Safety testing for public and commercial clients. Our laboratory is accredited by American Industrial Hygiene Association to ISO 17025 standard. We work hard to make this world safer. Call us for free consultation.

Residential Air Testing

Residential Air Testing

Air quality of modern homes is heavily affected by modern designs of our buildings, and a number of different chemicals used in an average house in our day-to-day life. To […]

Industrial Hygiene Air Testing

Industrial Hygiene Air Testing

LCS Laboratory is an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited Industrial Hygiene and Asbestos testing laboratory. We participate in numerous proficiency programs and are in full compliance with the ISO 17025 standard. With […]

Material Testing for Industry Standards

Material Testing for Industry Standards

LCS laboratory specializes in material testing for safety. We offer a broad range of tests for industrial products and consumer goods, with the purpose of classifying them for safe use or […]

Asbestos in Construction Materials

Asbestos in Construction Materials

LCS Laboratory Inc. is an asbestos testing laboratory located in London, Ontario. We provide laboratory testing service to corporate and individual clients from all provinces. The use of Asbestos in […]


Recent Articles

  • Tape Lift Sampling

    Tape Lift Sampling

    Tape Lift sampling is a simple technique, that is often used to collect settled dust sample from surfaces like floor, furniture, walls and even carpets. Tape lift samples are usually […]

  • Air Quality Testing in Industrial Painting

    Air Quality Testing in Industrial Painting

    Modern paints are multi component systems and air quality testing may require separate sampling for solvents, non-volatile pigments, and additional collection media for most toxic components. LCS Laboratory Inc., is […]

  • Smoke contamination after fire

    Smoke contamination after fire

    FAQ. Hi, my home has smoke contamination. Although I left the windows open for a few days and the majority of the smoke smell has dissipated, there is still a […]

  • Standard, Mini, and Micro Cassettes for Dust Sampling

    Standard, Mini, and Micro Cassettes for Dust Sampling

    LCS Laboratory Inc., offers various cassettes for personal air sampling.   As always, all consumables are provided to you free of charge as long as you return them back to […]

  • Air Sampling for Vitamins A and D3

    LCS Laboratory validated a method for sampling and laboratory testing of Vitamin A (Retinyl Acetate) and D3  (Cholecalciferol). The Vitamins are collected as Inhalable Dust on 25 mm PTFE filter with […]