White Smoke out of Industrial smokestackEnvironmental air quality testing usually deals with two extreme scenarios: sampling of chemicals emitted into atmosphere at the source, so-called stack sampling, or monitoring of residual concentration of industrial chemicals in ambient air.

Both techniques are extremely challenging. The stack sampling implies dealing with extreme temperatures and humidities of plant exhausts, overwhelming concentration of chemicals and challenges of isokinetic sampling. The ambient air sampling, in opposite, implies targeting ultra-low concentrations of vapours and dust, often on part-per-billion (ppb) – part-per-trillion (ppt) level, preferably over the prolonged period of time.

Scientist holds syringe for laboratory analysisOur laboratory has expertise and tools to assist you with ambient air monitoring. We will provide air sampling pumps, cassettes, dust classifiers, sorbent tubes, passive (diffusive) samplers, impingers and anything else you might need for your work. We routinely analyse ambient air for formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, NOx, asbestos fibres, pollen, mould spores and other common contaminants.

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