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air sampling pumps

LCS Laboratory offers air sampling pumps, passive dosimeters, sampling tubes and laboratory analysis of several hundreds Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).  VOC is a generic term which is used to describe organic compounds with boiling point from 0ºC  to about 250ºC . This definition is not very precise and often assumes all measurable organic and even some inorganic compounds (CS2, CCl4, and other) found in air.

The most common sampling procedure for volatile organic compounds, is so called “Active Sampling”. In active sampling, VOC is collected on adsorbent tube using air sampling pump. Active sampling is the most accurate sampling procedure, which gives an Industrial Hygienist great control over method sensitivity, and prove of the quality of the results. Active sampling is usually method of choice when Air Quality is investigated for compliance purposes.

Diffusive Badge

Diffusive Badge

“Passive Sampling” is based on controlled diffusion of vapours from ambient air into an adsorbent pad of the Diffusive Sampler.  Diffusive Sampler is also called a Diffusive Badge due to it resemblance with a visitor’s badge. Advantages of passive sampling is light weight of the sampling device, overall cost of sampling is lower that in active sampling, time saving, ability to provide massive surveys with hundred samplers used at once, ability to collect day, week and even month long samples. Disadvantages: the sampling accuracy is not as good as in active sampling, diffusion rate depends on air velocity around the sampler and temperature, overall sensitivity of the sampling procedure is lover than n active sampling, quality control is not as good as in active sampling.

Comprehensive list of available active and diffusive tests for individual VOC’s can be found in our fee schedule. Some tests for Volatile Organic compounds are so new and are so hard to find, that we’d like to tell more about them in our articles:



Peracetic Acid

If you need assistance with testing of individual solvents, or total VOC, please email us to discuss your project.