Air Sampling cassettes

Air sampling cassettes

LCS Laboratory offers air sampling kit and laboratory testing for total dust by NIOSH 0500.

Air sampling on 37 mm cassettes with the cassette opening facing down, was one of the first procedures to measure dust concentration in the air. With time, the method became a standard procedure in North America and is described in the method NIOSH 0500.

The method is very simple, bullet proof  and allows users great flexibility  in selecting air flow anywhere from 1 to 4 L/min. The method is routinely used for collecting of all kind of particles from metal shavings to pharmaceutical dust. NIOSH 0500 method is a default method for dust sampling in Canada, in other words if you need to collect the dust, and the sampling procedure is omitted from the method, by default it is the NIOSH 0500.

We prepared step by step sampling manual, which guides you through technicalities of sampling procedure.

Gilian Pump with cassette

Gilian Pump with Cassette

Limitation of the method is that when it was developed, the particle size of the collected dust was not defined. Therefore the samples collected as  TOTAL dust cannot be discussed from the point of view of particle size. Generally speaking, the particles in the sample that was collected as  TOTAL dust, are smaller than in Inhalable dust, but larger than in Respirable dust.

When you plan your sampling, double check what are the sampling requirements in your country and province/state. In Ontario, Canada some types of dust must be collected as Inhalable dust, while in US the same dust should be collected as Total.

Please do not hesitate to email us at LCS Laboratory is you have any questions or would like to order supplies and laboratory testing for your project.