Settled dust collected from a residential house. Microscopy at power 100.

LCS Laboratory offers professional quality air sampling kits for residential air testing. Each test, is built on standard methods. Those are the same methods that we offer to industry and professional consultants.

In our day-to-day life we are exposed to 1000’s of chemicals, most of them are toxic. Our house, which is supposed to be as safe place, can badly harm us.  Unfortunately, there is no a single test that would answer the universal question: “is my house safe?”. The current state of science allows us to detect and measure concentration of any chemical, but you need to tell us what is your concern, or in other words: “what do you need to test the air for?”.  The most popular kits are shown below:

  • Asbestos Fibres ; Test is recommended during renovation and as a clearance test.
  • Isocyanates; Test is recommended if you use polyurethane products like stains, varnishes, construction foam or professional polyurethane paint.
  • Formaldehyde; You should consider this test f you are experiencing dry eyes, and throat irritation. Formaldehyde exposure is common when you buy new furniture or install laminate floors.
  • Mercury;  liquid (elemental) mercury is very volatile. If you suspect mercury poisoning, this test is for you.
  • Metal Dust; Heavy metals are toxic and their presence in air is regulated. We may experience high level of metals during renovation, while working on your hobby project, or working in a garage.
  • Mold Spores;  Mold causes allergic reactions and  often is an indicator of water damage of the house.
  • Solvents and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC):   We are exposed to solvents every time we use perfumes, paints, or refuel a vehicle.

Scientist works with microscopeIf you want to test those or any other chemicals please give us a call. We have tools and expertise to address your air quality concerns. Please email us for a free non-obligatory quote for your Indoor Air Quality sampling.