Settled dust collected from a residential house. Microscopy at power 100.

Air quality of modern homes is heavily affected by modern designs of our buildings, and a number of different chemicals used in an average house in our day-to-day life. To mention a few:
– it is not something unusual to finds asbestos, lead, UFFI or titanium dioxide in construction materials used to build our homes.
– our furniture emits solvents and formaldehyde
– our carpets are endless source of dust, fibres and solvents (do you remember a heavy smell of a new carpet?)
– humid basements and leaky attics are excellent breading grounds for mold.

Scientist works with microscopeIt is not a surprise to health professionals that our homes, which should be the safest place on Earth, have elevated levels of carbon dioxide, dust, metals and chemicals compared to the outdoor air.

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