PCM cassettes manufactured by Zefon Inc. Image is a courtesy of Zefon Inc.

PCM cassettes manufactured by Zefon Inc. Image is a courtesy of Zefon Inc.

LCS Laboratory offers sampling kit for measurement of asbestos fibres in air of your house. Please note that it is unsafe to work with asbestos without proper training and specialized equipment. The best approach is to test your property for asbestos before you start renovation. If asbestos is detected your safest approach is to hire an asbestos removal company with a proper license.

If you believe that you accidentally disturbed asbestos containing material during renovation and your family is potentially exposed to toxic asbestos, maybe it is time to call us. In any way, always remember to protect yourself and your family from exposure. The recommendations below are not a replacement for professional asbestos-removal service, but rather a guideline what you can do to to make your work practice safer.

Chrysotile fibers under PCM

Chrysotile fibers under PCM

A single gram of Asbestos may produce billions of tiny needle-like fibres. They are only few microns long and are not visible to the naked eye. Our laboratory uses high power microscopes to identify and count the fibres trapped from the air. If you are exposed to asbestos fibres, they can travel deep into your lung, punch the lang tissue and eventually cause asbestos related lung cancer.Microscope

In Ontario, Canada, industrial exposure limit (2015)  for asbestos fibres in air is 0.1 fibre/ centimeter cube (ff/cc).  In other words, if you work with a material that contains asbestos 5 days a week and 8 hours a day, concentration of asbestos in air cannot be above 0.1 ff/cc. If you want to be sure that you are safe as you work on your project, concentration of fibres in the air cannot be more than 0.1 ff/cc. To be sure that results are relevant, the sample must be taken during the work. So, please plan ahead and call us in advance to order your personal asbestos exposure sampling kit

DSCF4320When the renovation is complete and house is cleaned from construction debris and dust, asbestos level is tested again. This asbestos clearance test is performed to demonstrate that the area is properly cleaned and it is safe for tenants to use the premises. The asbestos clearance level is established at 0.01 ff/cc (2015) . It is 10 fold lower than the exposure level. This test need to be performed once you completed the project and cleaned the area, but befor your family starts to use the room.

Your sampling kit includes an air sampling pump, several cassettes specifically designed for asbestos sampling. Sampling instruction can be downloaded from out “Sampling Manuals” page. Once you complete the test, please complete an “Air Testing” request form and return with your samples. The instruments comes fully calibrated. You will need to connect the cassette to the pump and turn the pump on. Once you are done, please return ALL equipment to the lab for analysis. Typical cost of the project is from $120 to $200, which depends on number of room you want to test and desirable turnaround time. You will be also asked for a refundable security deposit for rental equipment. Please check example of the laboratory report to make sure that you are comfortable with it format and read natural limitations of the laboratory method NIOSH 7400, to avoid misinterpretation of the laboratory results.

To order  your kit, please email us with the following information:

  1. Do you need Personal Exposure or Asbestos Clearance test?
  2. Do you perform the test for personal or legal purposes? Note: if the test is performed for legal purposes, you need to be qualified to perform such sampling. Additional samples must be collected as per regulation.
  3. Your Name, Last Name,
  4. Shipping Address, Contact Phone,
  5. Number of samples you want to collect. The number of samples is typically equal to number of rooms you want to test, or number of people you want to check for exposure. You use a cassette only once, so if you want to test clearance of basement and kitchen, you need to order 2 separate samples.
  6. What is the date of the sampling? We will deliver equipment by that day,
  7. How fast do you need the results back (same day, 1-day, 2-days….). The standard turnaround time is 7 business days. If you want results faster, we can accommodate your request but you should expect rush service surcharge.

We will reply back to you with an electronic invoice which you need to pay online with a credit card to initiate your order.

Thank you for your interest and stay safe.