ceiling tileLCS Laboratory Inc., offers asbestos testing to general public. Every year we analyse thousands of samples of older flooring, drywalls, joint compound, ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, attic insulation and all kind other materials found in residential houses.  In this publication we put together some frequently asked questions about asbestos testing.

  1. I am planning a renovation of my house. What should I check for asbestos? You should check every material that you will cut brake or  disturb during the project. Asbestos is relatively safe if you do not touch it. When you unknowingly disturb an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM), it releases billions of toxic fibers that damage your lungs.
  2. roof shinglesWhat materials may contain asbestos? Please check this article to find the answer
  3. Until when the asbestos had been used in construction? By 1985 industry mostly stopped using asbestos in construction.  Vermiculite insulation is an exception. It is found even in newer houses.
  4. How much of the sample does laboratory need for analysis? Please check this article to find the answer.
  5. How many samples of the same material should I test? Please check this article to find the answer
  6. What is the cost of asbestos testing in construction materials? Please check our prices here
  7. What is the cost of asbestos testing in Vermiculite? Please check our prices here
  8. How long does it take to get my results back? Your results will be reported within 7 business days. Expedite service is available at extra cost (see above)
  9. Where are you located? Please check our Contact us page
  10. Samples Drop Box

    Samples Drop Box

    May I bring the samples in person? You are welcome to bring your samples in person from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. You will not have access to the lab. You can leave the samples in the Sample Drop Box located in the reception area of the building. Please check our Contact Us page for address, map, and location of the Sample Drop Box.

  11. I want to meet lab personnel when I bring the sample. Please call 9-(519) 777-5232 from a courtesy phone in the lobby of our building, and one of us will meet you in the first floor lobby to answer your questions.  
  12. How do I pack the sample for shipping? Please check here for answer.  Please send the sample in a box or padded envelope. Please do not use a simple paper envelope as they are not designed to hold sharp pieces of construction materials.
  13. How do I send the sample? Please check our Contact us page for shipping directions.
  14. How do I pay for testing? Once we receive the samples, we will send you an electronic invoice by email for Credit Card or Pay Pal payment. Alternatively you can pay cash (in person only), or by sending a cheque payable to LCS Laboratory Inc.
  15. How do I receive the test results? You will receive the results by email.
  16.  May I see an example of your test report? Example of the report is shown on this page with explanation of the technicalities used in the document.
  17. What is “safe” asbestos limit? This page explains difference between safe and legal asbestos limits.
  18. I have many layers in my sample. What should I test? Answer is on this page.

If you have any other questions, please email us to discuss your project.