IM005446-4LCS Laboratory Inc. is an asbestos testing laboratory located in London, Ontario. We provide laboratory testing service to corporate and individual clients from all provinces.

The use of Asbestos in Canada had declined by late 1970’s. However, existing supplies of the various asbestos-containing products could be used up after that date. If your building (house) was built before 1985, it may contain asbestos as a construction material.

LCS Laboratory Inc., is one of a few AIHA accredited asbestos laboratories in Canada. When your health and safety depends on reliable test result, you should consider using our certified and fully accredited laboratory.

Asbestos sampling, remediation and legal aspects of working with asbestos are defined by Ontario Regulation 278/5 . In Ontario (Canada), Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) is defined as one with asbestos content of 0.5% or more. This legal limit differs from province to province, from country to country. For example, in United States, this limit is twice higher – 1%. In Japan, it is 5 fold lower – 0.1%

Our laboratory tests thousands of samples a year and we find asbestos in 20% of all your samples. We use state of the art technique and vigorous QC program to deliver highest possible accuracy. The most difficult samples are analysed in duplicate by two independent analysts to deliver the highest quality result. For the prices or information on how to collect samples, please visit out web page: FAQ about Asbestos

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Do not take a chance. It is easy and affordable to test for asbestos. Stay safe!!!!!