Analytical Chemist, Chromatography, Microscopy, Wet Chemistry

Position is CLOSED. August 29, 2016

Job Location

  • This Position is available for Residents of London Ontario.

Job Requirements

  • We are looking for a talented analytical chemist who will operate and maintain our fleet of Chromatographs and other laboratory equipment. His /her duties will require knowledge of instrumental chemistry and ability to perform instrument maintenance. The applicant should be able to utilise his/her technical skills.

Formal Requirements to Candidates

  • Must have formal education in Chemistry
  • Must have technical attitude to learn service and troubleshooting of laboratory equipment.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office
  • Must have previous lab experience
  • Capable to write formal laboratory reports
  • Work without supervision

Job Duties

  • The candidate will be working with wet chemistry, microscopes, and chromatographs
  • Analysis of mold and asbestos using microscopy
  • Conduct chemical and physical tests
  • Complete laboratory calculations and prepare the reports
  • Maintain and calibrate laboratory instruments
  • Maintain and revise quality assurance and control program results
  • Evaluate laboratory data, review reports
  • Maintain and update thorough and detailed laboratory procedures records and results.
  • Sample receiving
  • Sample disposal
  • Chemical waste management and disposal

Interview Procedure

  • Please submit formal resume where you outline your laboratory skills
  • Please outline your instrument troubleshooting skills
  • Selected candidates will be contacted for interview

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