LCS Laboratory is an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited Industrial Hygiene and Asbestos testing laboratory. We participate in numerous proficiency programs and are in full compliance with the ISO 17025 standard. With 15 years of experience in Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality testing, we offer full laboratory and technical support for projects of any scale and complexity. Our price list of laboratory methods includes over 200 tests. With a fleet of more than 60 sampling pumps, 25 cyclones, 20 manifolds, and thousands of filters, cassettes, and tubes, we can accommodate projects of any size

We offer laboratory testing for:


  • Dust: total, respirable,thoracic, and inhalable, oil mist, asphalt fumes, ……
  • Fibres: asbestos, glass, cotton, synthetic
  • Metals: Lead, Manganese, Copper, Beryllium, Iron and 20 more metals
  • Semi-Volatile compounds: isocyanates, PAH’s, phthalates, glycols, ….
  • Solvents: naphtha, benzene, toluene, hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons ….
  • Gases: formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, butadiene, ….

Please email us to discuss your project.