cyclone assembyLCS Laboratory offers ready-to-use air sampling kits for collection of industrial dust and vapours. With 15 years of experience in the area and almost unlimited variety of sampling pumps, gadgets, and media, we can accommodate projects of any size and complexity.  All kits are designed in full compliance with Ontario regulations, they are of professional quality and routinely used by professional consultants working in the area of Industrial Hygiene.

We offer air sampling kits for:

Typical Kit includes 2-15 portable air sampling pumps, hoses, cassette holders, filters to collect airborne dust, or adsorbent tubes for vapours. The kits are developed for health and safety professionals with previous experience in air-sampling. While air sampling itself is relatively straightforward, and we put all efforts to add as many sampling manuals as we can, it is still very important that you have previous experience in air sampling and can interpret the findings.

3 sampling cassettesWe need your help to configure the kit as unique as your project:

  • Each kit is custom assembled for your unique process. Please tell us what you need to test by completing the request form. Email the form back to us (see email address at the bottom of the web page)
  • We review the request and reply back to you with custom built sampling plan. Please review the plan and make changes.
  • Once the sampling plan is finalised, we submit a formal quote
  • Accept the quote by issuing a PO number.
  • We send fully charged and calibrated equipment to your office
  • You collect the samples and return samples and equipment to our laboratory for analysis
  • We analyse the samples and report laboratory results back to you
  • You are now ready to prepare yours Occupational Hygiene Report.
sampling pump

air sampling pumps

We offer: Professional equipment fully charged and calibrated for your project. All tests will be performed by professional laboratories and reported in accordance with AIHA LAP standards.

We are responsible: For properly functioning equipment; quality laboratory analysis. If any equipment fail or samples are lost due to our mistake, we will replace them at no charge to you or refund the laboratory cost.

We do not offer: Interpretation of the laboratory results; Industrial Hygiene or Safety reports. If you are looking for full consulting service, please contact us at the beginning of the project and we will find you a best consultant in your town.

Please contact us to  place an order.