Cannabis_plantsLCS Laboratory offers full laboratory support for air quality testing of medical cannabis production facilities. With 18 years in Industrial Hygiene air sampling we can offer you comprehensive service, which includes equipment rental and laboratory testing.

Cannabis plants are often grown indoor, that leads to accumulation of harmful fumes, dust and gases inside of the greenhouse. The list below outlines chemicals, that are potentially harmful to personnel who are involved in cannabis growth, harvest and preliminary processing:

  • Carbon Dioxide. It is used to enrich air with CO2 and accelerate plant growth. Regulated.
  • smoke_333Terpenes. Group of solvent-like compounds responsible for the characteristic smell of cannabis plants.  Terpenes are natural products derived from plants that have medicinal properties and biological activity. Terpenes may be found in cleaning products, rubefacients, aromatherapy, and various topical preparations. Terpenes may exist as hydrocarbons or have oxygen-containing compounds such as ketone or aldehyde groups (terpenoids). Many terpenes are regulated.
  • thcdelta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is the main psychotropic cannabinoid. It physical properties are not well defined. It is yellowish to light brown resin with boiling point atmospheric pressure of about 340-400°C (estimated).  To the best of our knowledge, THC concentration in air is not regulated in Ontario (2017). Air sampling results must be interpreted with caution based on personal sensitivity of staff to THC.
  • THC on hands and surfaces. THC can be collected as surface samples from exposed surface of hands and working surfaces.
  • Dust includes broad range of particles from soil to leaf fibres.
  • Cannabis_dryingMold spores. Mold thrives in presence of plants (it major food) and high humidity which is typical for greenhouse environment. Mold spores may cause severe allergic reaction.
  • Pesticides and herbicides (if used).
  • Gasoline and Diesel fuel can be an issue if you your client uses machinery.

The list above provides basic information of possible Industrial Hygiene sampling procedure. Please email us to order laboratory testing and discuss your project.