Fuming liquidLCS Laboratory analyzes chemical and physical properties of materials in a way that is required for  preparation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS or SDS).

Unfortunately 65% of published MSDS documentation misses essential properties of materials, therefore compromising the document’s value. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory will test your product to measure the properties important for the safe use of the material. Below is the list of parameters we can measure to make your MSDS complete.

  • Boiling point (initial) by OECD 103 method
  • Chemical composition by Gas, Liquid or Ion Chromatography, NMR, XRD, XRF, ICP and other methods
  • Evaporation rate by ASTM D3539 method
  • Flash point (closed cup) by ASTM D56
  • Ingredient disclosure list by Gas, Liquid or Ion Chromatography, NMR, XRD, XRF, ICP and other methods
  • Melting point (initial) by OECD 102
  • Molecular weight (apparent)  of complex vapor mixture
  • Odour and physical appearance
  • Odour detection threshold value by EN13725 method
  • Oil – water partition coefficient by OECD 107 method
  • pH of water extract by OECD 122 method
  • Physical state by ASTM D4359 methoddistilling
  • Solubility in water by OECD 105
  • Specific gravity of air saturated with vapour by in-house method
  • Specific gravity of gas by in-house method
  • Specific gravity of liquid by OECD 109 method
  • Specific gravity of solid OECD 109 method
  • Vapour density (relative) by in-house method
  • Vapour pressure (specific) by OECD 104 method
  • Vapour pressure (total) by OECD 104 method

Make your product safe and your MSDS documentation – reliable. Call us for a free non-obligatory quote. Stay safe!!!!!