LCS Laboratory laboratory offers ready-to-use sampling kits for Air Quality Testing. The kits are built in strict compliance with Industrial Hygiene practice and are designed to deliver the highest quality results. The kits are of professional grade, and require some practical skills in order to collect quality samples.

In this article we explain how to assemble a sampling train to collect vapours from ambient air. LCS laboratory will provide you with pre-calibrated air sampling pumps, tubings and adsorbent tubes. When you receive the order, please check the content and make sure that you have everything you need for the successful sampling. Once you are ready to collect a sample, it is time to assemble a sampling train.   Please note that model of a pump or colour of a sampling tube on the image below can be different from instruments that you received with your kit.

DuPont Alpha-2 pump


Locate your Alpha-2 Dupont pump. This pump is battery operated and run for approximately 50 hours on 4 AA alkaline batteries.


Loosen a front screw and remove the cover plate.


Locate an ON/OFF switch and turn the pump ON. It takes about 30 seconds for motor to start. This is normal.


Locate an adsorbent tube and side cutter. The tubes are factory sealed. You open them buy breaking the ends right before sampling. To break the tube, place the end of the tube over a garbage bag to capture small pieces of broken glass. Brake off tips of the adsorbent tube on both sides,  using the side cutter. Always point the cutter tube away from yourself.  Do it in a safe way. Wear safety glasses.


The broken end of the tube will look like that.


Your adsorbent tube has to ends: a front end (on the picture above it is on the left side if the picture), and the back end filled with adsorbent (right side of the picture).


Insert the back section (where all the adsorbent is) of the adsorbent tube into the tygon tubing connected to the pump.

IMG_20171019_132315819 Place the short piece of clear tube (provided) on the front section of the adsorbent tube to cover sharp ends of the glass tube.   Your sampling train is ready and collecting the sample. Make sure that you collect mercury vapour for 7-9 hours. If you collect very short sample, the sensitivity can be poor. If the sample is too long you can exceed capacity of the sampling tube. Please keep the record on: where the sample was collected, when you started the sample, at what time did you finish sampling, what is a pump ID, what is the tube ID? Once the sampling is complete, turn the pump off, disconnect the the tube and remove the “end-tube”


Close the tube with red cups (provided), and label the tube. Congratulations. You completed the sampling. Complete a request for analysis form and send  it to the lab with your samples

Please contact us if you need air sampling equipment or laboratory testing of your samples.