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LCS Laboratory offers ready-to-use air sampling kits for professional Indoor Air Quality Testing in Medical Laboratories.Typical Kit includes 2-15 portable air sampling pumps, diffusive samplers, hoses, cassette holders, filters, and adsorbent tubes to collect airborne dust and vapours. The kit is developed for health and safety professionals with previous experience in air-sampling. While air sampling itself is relatively straightforward, and we put all efforts to add as many sampling manuals as we can, it is still very important that you have previous experience in air sampling and can use laboratory results for preparation of a safety report. We designed this kit based on our previous experience with air sampling of medical laboratories. The tests targets vapours of chemicals used for instrument sterilization and sample preparation, staining and cleaning. If you require any other tests, please let us know and we will add them to the kit.

plateTypical sampling takes 4-6 hours. Air quality  and production activity should be typical and representative. The most common tests address workers’ exposure for:

  1. Ethanol; typical component of medical solutions, medical glue, ointments.  Ethanol be collected on diffusive badges or charcoal tubes.
  2. Isopropanol (rubbing alcohol); typical component of cleaning pads, like “alcohol pads”. Isopropanol can be collected on diffusive badges or charcoal tubes.
  3. Formaldehyde; sometimes, formaldehyde is used for specimen preservation in anatomy and pathology laboratories. Samples are collected on DNPH tubes by NIOSH 2016 method or on diffusive badges by OSHA 1007 methods. Please note that formaldehyde is commonly regulated for short exposure, either as short term exposure limit or ceiling limits.
  4. Glutaraldehyde; disinfectant for sterilization of heat-sensitive equipment. Samples are collected on DNPH treated filters by OSHA 64 method. Glutaraldehyde is regulated  for short exposure, either as short term exposure limit or ceiling limits.
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide. Common disinfectant. Samples are collected on 25 mm filter treated with titanium oxysulfate
  6. Peracetic acid, Common disinfectant. Samples are collected on specialty tubes, often in sequence with Hydrogen peroxide samples
  7. Xylenes; component of many microbiological stains. Samples can be collected on Charcoal tubes by NIOSH 1501 method or on Diffusive badges.

35-IMG_20170620_152657096Those tests are typical for medical labs. You are welcome to add other tests that are unique for your operation. Select several tests that are the most relevant to your work conditions and let us know what you need to test by completing a request form. Email the form to us (see email address at the bottom of the web page), and we will reply back to you with a formal quote.

We also offer full service which will be performed by a professional Air Quality Specialist. Service includes: site visit to discuss your project, quotation, collection of the air samples, submitting the samples to our laboratory, completion of the report.

If you work for different industry and need customized service, we will be happy to assist. Please contact us to order your kit from our laboratory or review the list of available kits.