imagesLCS Laboratory offers ready-to-use air sampling kits for professional Air Quality Testing in casting plants. Our kit is designed to target dust, gases, metals, binders, silica and fibrous materials.  Typical Kit includes 2-15 portable air sampling pumps, hoses, cassette holders, filters, and adsorbent tubes to collect airborne dust and vapours. The kit is developed for health and safety professionals with previous experience in air-sampling. While air sampling itself is relatively straightforward, and we put all efforts to add as many sampling manuals as we can, it is still very important that you have previous experience in air sampling and can use laboratory results for preparation of a safety report.

aluminum cyclone on workerTypical sampling takes 4-7 hours. Air quality  and production activity should be typical and representative. The most common tests address worker’s exposure for:

  1. Total Respirable Dust analysis on 37 mm PVC cassettes by NIOSH 0600 procedure
  2. The above sample can be re-tested for Crystalline Silica by NIOSH 7602 procedure. Silica level is highest alon the mols breaking line and in sand shaking off and recycling.
  3. Respirable Iron, Aluminum, and Zinc. This test is focused on 3 metals: Iron Oxide, Aluminum and Zinc, which are regulated as respirable fraction. Sampling is performed on 37 mm MCE cassettes with cyclone by NIOSH 0600 procedure followed by Metal scan for 3 metals by NIOSH 7301 using ICP AES procedure
  4. Formaldehyde and Acrolein in binder smoke. Samples are collected on DNPH tubes by NIOSH 2016 method. Typically highest concentration of aldehydes is detected during metal pouring
  5. MDI vapours and mist should be collected if isocyanate based resin is used. Typically, sampling is performed by OSHA 47 method.

cement dustThose tests are typical for Indoor Air Quality tests at metal casting stations. We at LCS, fully understand that all processes are unique and you might work with different alloys or use different set of chemicals. You are welcome to add other tests that are important for your process or send us the SDS’s and we will develop a custom made kit free of charge. Select several tests that are the most relevant to your work conditions and let us know what you need to test by completing a request form. Email the form to us (see email address at the bottom of the web page), and we will reply back to you with a formal quote.

We also offer full service which will be performed by a professional Air Quality Specialist. Service includes: site visit to discuss your project, quotation, collection of the air samples, submitting the samples to our laboratory, completion of the report.

If you work for different industry and need customized service, we will be happy to assist. Please contact us to order your kit from our laboratory or review the list of available kits.