FAQ: We need to do check quality of air in our house. Can I use those results for legal purposes? Sincerely A.Z.

Hello A.Z.,


ASTHME-ENFANT-ILLUSTRATIONThere are two reasons why people do air quality in their house or any other place:
1. Personal – to be sure that they are safe.
2. Legal – to demonstrate to somebody that air is safe or not safe.

Even if the chemical aspect is the same, the sampling procedure can be different and this is why:

Air Quality test for Personal Reasons.   Let say, you want to see what is level of asbestos fibres in your house after renovation. You call us and asking how to do the test?  We send you sampling instruction and explain what is  safe level low and what is elevated level of fibres in air. You collect the samples and return them back to us for analysis. We analyse then and send you a report. You read it and can see if the air is clean or not. Those results cannot be used for legal purposes because some technicalities are missed.

Danger Asbestos

Danger Asbestos

Air Quality test for Legal or Compliance purposes. Before you even start, please explore if you qualify to do this kind of test. In most cases you should not do this test simply because of conflict of interest. You are interested in outcome and therefore may influence the results. Please contact your counterpart (lawyer, landlord or whoever will be reading your report) and discuss if they are comfortable with the fact that you will collect the sample.  Investigate if there is a regulation, which require sampling to be done in special way. For example, asbestos sampling is enforced by Ontario Asbestos Regulation # 278/05 (correct in 2017). Read and understand sampling procedure (for asbestos fibres this is method NIOSH 7400). Contact our laboratory and order your equipment. Do not forget to order Quality Control blank samples. Our laboratory will follow your instructions.

Summary. Air sampling for legal purposes should be performed by third party professionals who are experienced in air quality testing. If you need one, please email us and we will refer you to a consultant working in your area.