ASTHME-ENFANT-ILLUSTRATIONLCS is an accredited testing laboratory specializing in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing for industrial and residential  clients.  We test thousands of samples every year and can resolve the most complicated air quality problems: from formaldehyde or mold exposure to Ministry of Labour orders. Our testing laboratory and four local teams of air quality professionals working in Great Toronto Area are ready to assist you with your project. When you use world-class service provider from your area, you receive high quality service at a competitive price.

Service can be provided in two different formats:

Consulting and Field Services: Industrial Hygienist (IH) will call you to discuss your project. Once the scope of study is determined, the IH will submit a quote and propose a sampling strategy. He/She will visit your site, collect samples and take all the necessary notes and measurements. The samples will be tested by our AIHA accredited laboratory and reported to you in the form of comprehensive report by a consultant.

Our network of professional consultants covers most of Ontario. Our local Air Quality expert is always ready to assist you. The up-to date map of or laboratory network is included below:

Differently shaded areas on the map represent different expert teams available to take your projects. View LCS Laboratory Inc., – our partners in a larger map

DSCF4317Another option can be recommended to professionals with previous experience in air sampling:

Laboratory Testing and Equipment Rental: Per your request, LCS Laboratory prepares air sampling equipment for air quality sampling. You collect the samples and send them to our lab for chemical analysis. Our laboratory reports your test results that should be further discussed in relation to corresponding MOL exposure limits. Previous experience in air sampling and result interpretation is highly recommended.

If you need to measure air quality in your home, office or workplace, give us a call for a free non-obligatory quote.