This is very misfortunate that we at LCS Laboratory Inc created this web-page. The list below shows professional companies who used to be our clients and did not pay the bill. The companies below behave as irresponsible, abusive clients. If you are planning to work with them, you do it on your own risk. Learn from our experience. Believe us, we contacted them number of times, and this is our last resource. We would be delighted to have this page blank.

Dear Clients, once you pay all  outstanding invoices we remove your name from this page.  Thank you for cooperation.




Company: Nabar Contracting Inc.

Issue: Does not pay bills, does not return calls 

Contact Name: Nathan Barfett
Address: 9-958 Leathorne St., London, ON, N5Z 3M5

tel:(519) 204-8500; email: