CaliperLCS Laboratory Inc., offers wide variety of product testing procedures for independent (third party) control of quality of your products and your incoming parts or supplies. Some tests that are listed on our website  are standard methods developed by NIOSH, EPA, ASTM, ISO and other organisations, and some are custom developer by our laboratory for our clients. If you do not see what you are looking for, please email us anyway. microcaliperWe might have your test, but simply didn’t have chance to publish it yet. We have 100’s of laboratory instruments and decades of laboratory experience and often can develop a new method to test your unique product. QC chart.pngEntrust us your QC tests for the fraction of cost of running your own laboratory.

To order a new test, please contact us by email, and describe:

  1. What should we test?
  2. What method or technique should we use?
  3. What is the typical range of readings we should expect?
  4. What is the target accuracy?
  5. What turnaround do you expect?
  6. How many different samples do we need to test at once?
  7. How many duplicates should we test for each sample?
  8. How many samples per day, per week, per month or per year should we test?
  9. What is a fair price per sample?

Thank you for your interest.

LCS Laboratory Inc. , (London, ON, Canada)