LCS Laboratory offers testing of fuel pellets for spontaneous self heating and ignition during storage. Our recent study have shown that fuel pellets are capable for self heating which may cause spontaneous smoldering and even ignition of the pile.

fuel granules self ignited middleFuel Pellets and especially one made with recycling materials have all the properties which make them potentially dangerous:

  • They  are highly flammable
  • They are porous with well developed inner surface capable to absorb oxygen
  • They are granular which allows air freely flow through the pile
  • The pellets may contain traces of oil, polymers, and other reactive components that accelerate the ignition process.

During storage,  some granules start slowly react with air. If this process starts deep inside the pile, produced heat accumulates, that only accelerates the ignition.

LCS Laboratory performs accelerated  self heating test following UN procedure for classification of dangerous goods. The sample is exposed to 140 °C for 24 hours. Once temperature in sample core exceeds 200 °C of smoke is detected, the sample is classified as self heating and need to be shipped as dangerous good.

This test can be used for classification purposes as well as for development of safer products. Please email us to discuss your project