LCS Laboratory offers endless list of air sampling equipment for your Industrial Hygiene project. When you place order with us you receive complete, ready to be used air sampling kit custom tailored for your sampling work. We offer the following rental equipment:

  • DSCF4317Sampling pumps
    • Environmental pumps (110 V) for asbestos and mold sampling. 2-17 L/min
    • High Flow personal pumps 1-5 L/min
    • Low Flow personal pumps 0.02-0.30 L/min
  • Air sampling cyclones
    • Nylon cyclone for respirable dust  (1.7 L/min)
    • Aluminum cyclone for respirable dust  (2.5 L/min)
    • BGI GK 2.69 cyclone for respirable dust (4.1 L/min)
    • Thoracic cyclone BGI GK 2.69 (1.6 L/min)
  • Impingers (5-25 ml capacity)
  • Air Flow Calibrators
    • RotametersSKC Calibrator
    • Bubble meter
    • Dry Cal

We offer day, week and month rental rates. Please download our fee schedule for up-to-date prices. You are always welcome to email us to discuss your project.