RotameterWe offer three different types of air flow calibrators. Together they cover a range from 0.005 to 17 L/min which is sufficient for calibration of most air sampling pumps. Our rental rates are per field-day, in other words you do not pay for shipping time. When you place your order, please specify what flow rate you need to cover, for how many field days you need it, and when and where we should deliver it.

Rotameters. The most affordable calibrator giving you flow rate in seconds. Typical accuracy is between 2 and 3%. Each rotameter comes with calibration certificate and calibration table showing rotameter scale and true air flow rate. Three different ranges are available: 0.002-0.170 L/min, 0.5-3.0 L/min, and 3-17 L/min. The rotameters are temperature sensitive and are not recommended for use at extremely high or low temperatures.

SKC CalibratorPrimary Flow Calibrators (bubble technique). This is most accurate calibrator with a typical margin of error of 1-2%. Each calibrator comes with a calibration certificate, charger and a bottle of soap. Flow rate range is from 0.01 to 6 L/min. The calibrator should be used at a room temperature.

Primary Flow Calibrators (DryCal). This is a very accurate calibrator, and easy to work with. Its typical margin of error is between 1 and 2%. Each rotameter comes with a calibration certificate and charger. Flow rate range is from 0.01 to 0.5 L/min. The calibrator should be used at a room temperature.

DryCalCall us to discuss your project. Save on shipping when you order pumps, media and analysis from our AIHA accredited laboratory.