DSCF4288A list of our available air sampling devices would be incomplete without the following list of small pieces and devices that make air sampling process so much easier. We have them all. Do not hesitate to request them for your sampling project.

Sampling manifolds are flow controllers allowing simultaneous sampling on multiple samples on a single pump. We offer a variety of manifolds with 1, 2, 3 or 4 ports. Use of manifolds requires previous practical experience in their calibration.

al cycloneCassette holders allow securing 37 mm cassette on the end of pump tubing. They also maintain correct position of the cassette: inlet is always pointing down.

Impinger is a kind of sampler used with liquid sampling media. Typical air flow rate through impinger is 1 L/min. These days, impingers are mostly used for area sampling.

ImpingersThe last but not the least important is sampling media. Tubes, cassettes, filters and Inhalable samplers are provided to you free of charge as long as they will be returned to our lab for analysis.

Call us to discuss your project. Save on shipping when you order pumps, media and analysis from our AIHA accredited laboratory.