Alpha-2 pumpLCS Laboratory offers a full line of personal air sampling pumps. Our rental fleet of air sampling pumps exceeds 50 units and we can accommodate project of any size.

The rates are per field-day, in other words you do not pay for shipping time. When you place your order, please specify the number of pumps you need, the required airflow rate (we will pre- and post- calibrate your pump for you), for how many field days you need them, and when and where we should deliver it.

We offer three types of pumps:

Low-Flow Pumps for gas and vapour sampling. They are small and lightweight, highly suitable for personal air sampling. The DuPont Alpha 2 pumps are battery operated with run time from 12 to 100 hours and flow rate from 0.01 to 0.20 L/min.

DSCF4317High-Flow Pumps. Gilian and SKC are battery operated pumps with run time from 8 to 20 hours and flow rate from 1 to 3 L/min. They are commonly used to collect dust, fumes, oil mists, pollen, mould spores, and some vapours (like isocyanates, formaldehyde, glycol and other). The pumps can be used for short term and long term exposure assessment. The pumps will be sent to you fully charged with a tubing.

Environmental Pumps. Gast and Zefon pumps require 110V power source. Typical run time varies from 15 min 24 hours and and depends on the nature of the sampling work. Typically they are used where a high volume of air need to be collected at 10-15 L/min. They are commonly used to collect asbestos fibres during abatement work, and mould spores. The pumps will be sent to you with a tubing.

enviromental pumpCall us to discuss your project. Save on shipping when you order pumps, media and analysis from our AIHA accredited laboratory.