HDI paintLCS Laboratory Inc., offers unique testing of residual Diisocyanates adsorbed on worker’s close. This testing procedure was developed in response to the request of the second-hand exposure to isocyanates of previously sensitized worker. After being sensitized by isocyanates the person developed severe reaction on chemical odours (vapours) transported by other workers’ clothes.

For some workers, exposure to isocyanates can sensitize the skin or respiratory system. This response can be caused by one acute exposure or repeated exposure at low concentrations. Once someone has become sensitized, the person may develop asthmatic reactions to extremely low concentrations of isocyanates, even concentrations below the Ontario Occupational Exposure Limit of 5 ppb (2017). Sometimes the asthma-like reaction occurs immediately after exposure. More commonly, sensitized individuals experience symptoms several hours after exposure.

If you believe that your, your colleague, or family member’s  clothes caries isocyanates, please contact LCS laboratory and we can test them. Our Laboratory measures concentration of free isocyanates in headspace around the contaminated clothes with sensitivity of 0.5 ppb. This extreme sensitivity is sufficient for detection of trace amount of isocyanates in the air around the contaminated clothes.

The test is time sensitive because free isocyanates slowly dissipates and in 2-3 days after exposure, their concentration would become undetectable. The sample of clothes must be shipped overnight in airtight  bags. The laboratory must be contacted prior the shipping to be ready accept and preserve the samples.