discussFAQ: Hi, We would like to do 10 air samples from our workplace and have you test them. Please quote me on what that would cost and how we would proceed with ordering the testing kits. No particular test at this point. If the samples are easy to collect, I was hoping to collect them ourselves and get a sense of where we sit. That would be a low-cost way to get some information. Depending on the results, we may then pursue a more thorough test and report, in which case we would ask you to send in your professional testers to prepare a report.
Sincerely JS

Answer: Hello JS, The samples are relatively easy to collect. We put a few manuals on how to do it. From our experience, if you do it for the first time, the errors in sampling are unavoidable, and you will lose a few samples.

aluminum cyclone on workerAnother challenge is that you need to decide what chemicals you want to measure. Unfortunately there is no universal test, which would cover all chemicals at once. Based on your business description that I found on your website, your workers may (or may not) have potential exposure to Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Acrolein, Metal Working fluids, Oil, Inhalable dust, Respirable dust, Metal dust (including number of individual metals like Iron and Manganese), and some other chemicals.

On a bulk part, each test costs about $100 (does not include cost of your time), so it is crucial to select what is the biggest concern and start with it. If you can narrow down the list of chemicals, I will design proper sampling procedure.

GCOnce you collect the sample, you return them to us and we analyze for whatever you need to test for. Once the test is complete we return you a lab report. This is where the fun part begins. You need to compare the lab results with MOL OEL’s and decide if you are in compliance or not.

Another option is to hire our Industrial Hygienist. He/She will do all planning, sampling and reporting for you. Typical additional cost for professional services is $1000-$2000 depends on the size of the project. It will be no surprises, as the Industrial Hygienist will give you a precise quote before you start.

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with your company. If you want to proceed, please email us at your convenience.

Sincerely, Dr. Stepan Reut. LCS Laboratory Inc.