dustCrystalline Silica is a common component of many construction materials and natural rocks. If your client involved in mining operation or construction industry, there is a great chance that the settled area dust is rich on α-Quartz and Cristobalite, which are the major constituents of the Crystalline Silica. Presence of silica in settled dust is not regulated. At the same time, once resuspended in the air, the dust may become a major source of silica exposure. Level of silica contamination can be used as indicators of past exposure, of  good/bad housekeeping and potentially identify a source of dust contamination.

Surface sampling for silica is similar to NIOSH method 9102. LCS Laboratory offers sampling media and laboratory testing for Quartz and Cristobalite by NIOSH method 7602 with modification for analysis of wipe samples. Method sensitivity for Quartz and Cristobalite on wipes is 10 ug/sample or 0.5% by weight of mineral dust.

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