Perchloric_acid_60_percentLCS Laboratory Inc., offers simple swab test for presence of free perchlorate ions in surface contamination.

Perchloric acid and it salts are commonly used in laboratory practice as strong oxidizers in sample preparation. Usually sample is boiled in mixture of perchlorates and acids to dissolve some metals and otherwise acid resistance sample matrix. Mist, which is formed during sample digestion, contains small amounts of perchlorate, which eventually precipitate in ductwork and on the inner surfaces of the fume hoods.

SparksPerchlorates may ignite other combustible materials and increase the intensity of a fire. They are unstable and can decompose explosively or spontaneously combust at ordinary temperatures if mixed with organic compounds. Heating produces toxic fumes of chlorine compounds. Perchlorates are shock sensitive. Many heavy metal perchlorates and organic perchlorate salts are extremely sensitive explosives. Proper monitoring and decommissioning of the laboratory equipment contaminated with perchlorates is a matter of safety.

saltLCS Laboratory Inc., developed a sampling kit, for detection of perchlorate contamination on laboratory equipment. Swab samples are collected of glass filters spiked with Deionized Water. The samples are returned to LCS Laboratory and analysed for perchlorate presence with sensitivity of 2 mg/swab.

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