02-Transparent tapeTape Lift sampling is a simple technique, that is often used to collect settled dust sample from surfaces like floor, furniture, walls and even carpets. Tape lift samples are usually examined by light microscopy  for mold, fibres, biological materials, insects and other particles found in dust. LCS Laboratory Inc.,  offers various tests of dust collected on tape lifts.

To collect a Tape Lift sample you will need a roll of transparent tape, Ziploc bags, a permanent marker, and a LCS Laboratory request form .

It is important to use a transparent tape, which is clear even under high magnification and does not interfere with analysis.

01-scotch 04-packaging tape

In opposite, Scotch tape (even if it looks similar to a transparent tape) is not suitable for sampling. The Scotch tape is made opaque by blending mineral dust into film which makes this tape a poore choice for microscopy. Packaging tape does not work either due to glue formulation, which contains dust interfering with analysis. Once you have the supplies ready, the sampling part is simple.

06-clean transparent tapeTake 4-5 cm long piece of the tape.

12-mold tape liftHold it with one or two hands. The sticky side of the tape is facing the surface from where the sample should be taken. Touch the surface with a tape.

13-mold spores on tape

The dust is imprinted on the tape and now can be tested by LCS Laboratory.

15-tape lift in ziploc bagOpen a new Ziploc bag, insert the tape with dust sample into a bag, and gently press the sticky surface of the tape against the inner surface of the bag.

14-IMG_20161219_114149767Close the bag. Label it with the marker, something like “Dust Sample #1”. Complete the request form and  ship/bring your sample(s) to LCS Laboratory for analysis