MAP – derivatizer used in NIOSH 5525 method

LCS Laboratory Inc., offers a new approach to Isocyanate sampling: air quality testing by NIOSH 5525 procedure. The method is the most sensitive and the most versatile among all available techniques. In addition this is the only standard method for sampling and analysis of polyisocyanates like dimers, trimers, and heavier condensates.


Air Sampling Impingers for area sampling

The samples can be collected on various filters: 37mm, 25mm, IOM’s and even in impingers. Our laboratory offers sampling media free of charge as long as it is returned to our laboratory for analysis.

Air Sampling cassettes

Air sampling cassettes

We analyse the samples using dual detector UV and FLD- HPLC which result in unbeatable sensitivity of 0.1 ug/sample and unique selectivity of overall procedure. Samples can be collected at flow rate from 1 to 2 L/min to a total volume of 500L.

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