polycondenced aromaticLCS Laboratory Inc., offers high sensitivity measurement of vapor pressure of individual compounds. We test within the pressure range from 0.0001 to 1 mm Hg at room temperature. The test is based on OCDE method 104 – vapour saturation technique.

In this test, dry air is saturated with the samples vapor to the point of equilibrium. Once the equilibrium concentration is achieved, concentration of the sample’s saturated vapour is measured using standard NIOSH or OSHA procedure for air testing. Concentration of the saturated vapour is recalculated into vapor pressure using gas equation. Method was validated by LCS laboratory using n-Hexadecane as reference material at 21 °C. In this study we achieved sensitivity of 0.004 Pa. Even better sensitivity can be achieved for aromatic compounds or chemicals with fluorescent groups.

viscosityLaboratory requires about 50 mg of the neat material for testing. The qualified material must be relatively stable with half life time in air of 1 week or longer. The client will be asked to provide MW, define appropriate solvent, analytical conditions (GC or HPLC) and disclose product’s SDS.  We do not accept highly toxic and radioactive materials for testing.

To obtain a quote, please email the following information:

  1. Number of samples,
  2. SDS for each sample, or chemical formula, CAS#,  and toxicological study.
  3. What is the material for: pharmaceutical, polymer, pesticide, ….?
  4. Estimated boiling point
  5. MW
  6. Solvent that can be used for sample dissolution
  7. GC or HPLC analytical conditions used in material preparation and QC study.
  8. Statement that material is not toxic and not radioactive.

We will reply back with a non – obligatory quote.

For a complete list of all other properties you might need to test for preparation of a MSDS document please visit our Material testing page.